October 1-2, 2016



About the event / A place to share knowledge

Software Craftsmanship Barcelona is a two days event which aims to attract and connect software development professionals, who feel the passion for their work and share the values and principles of the Craftsmanship movement.

It aspires to be a meeting place which facilitates the magic of the learning, the teaching and the collaboration, where the participants create a gratifying and enriching experience

It does not matter what your level of knowledge is or which is your favorite programming language. We encourage you to participate if:

- Feel passion for the software.
- want to be involved or are involved in the Software Craftsmanship movement.
- want to share your knowledge, experience, or skills.
- have the spirit to learn and improve by helping or sharing with others.

In addition to technical contents, it will be fun, there will be beer, and we'll have stimulating conversations until who knows what hours. Software Craftsmanship Barcelona is an opportunity to meet new friends, face new challenges, to learn and to improve your skills. Join us!

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Barcelona information / useful resources


The Annual Software Craftsmanship Conference has available a discount for long-medium distance trains (RENFE), if you are interested please, send us an email and we will reply you with the discount.


It exists an important number of hotels near our event. Furthemore, for a cheap solution airbnb can provide you a relaxing place to sleep


The Software Craftsmanship Conference organizes a set of social events (tour guides, dinners) for the participants.

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Almogàvers 123,
08018, Barcelona